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Custom Combination for Vinyl Windows Replacement

Combination Window

Replacing the Windows: 5 Ideas for the Custom Vinyl Windows

Every house needs to have quality windows, no doubt about it. So if you still haven't changed the old wooden windows or looking for an upgrade let us tell you why our custom made vinyl windows are just what your family needs.
Vinyl is affordable yet very energy efficient and harmless for the family. No more harmful vapors from the old window paint. Such windows do not absorb moisture and do not get moldy. If you look after your vinyl windows right they will serve you for the generations to come.
Think about installing the new windows like about an investment, the new windows always add value to the house. They add style as well as energy efficiency. But how will you not lost in the huge variety of styles and technical solutions?

Various Choices and Styles

  • Casement windows. Your traditional left or right hinge operating window.
  • Double hung windows. Such windows allow you to clean the window pane from the outside well. You can pick a single hung or a double hung option.
  • Sliding windows. You can choose a single or a double sliding window. Very space efficient as one window simply slides on another one without taking any space in the room.
  • Awning windows. They are good for the rainy days because they open at an awn-like angle allowing for the fresh air to come in leaving all the rain outside. They are also good for the bathroom letting out all the extra steam.
  • Picture windows are meant to create a clear framed picture of the outside. They have no glazing bars and are usually fixed.
You can modify the custom vinyl window design, add different parts to it. You might pick the bay or bow styles. Bay window consists of the three panes. The middle window is protruding while the side ones are located at a certain angle connecting the central window to the frame. The three panes are connected at the 30-45 degrees angle.
A bow window is a modern variation of the bay window. 4 or more window panes are connected together under a certain degree in order to form a curve.

Round Top Windows: Modern Classics

If you paid attention to the most houses we bet you noticed that the most popular modern style in Canada is a modern style window. They are so popular for a few reasons; the protruding bay or bow windows offer a greater amount of surface outside meaning the design is not as energy efficient as a flat window. So a round custom vinyl window offers the best energy efficiency while adding style and value to the house.
More info windows: Casement Double Hung Slider Awning Picture window styles to fill a large window opening. Or combination windows can be represented by Bay Bow

Combination Windows
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