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Window Performance

The performance of a window is essentially a balanced act. Windows should allow the maximum amount of solar energy from the sun to pass through into the house interior. on the other, they must also minimize the amount of heat loss. The best way to achieve this is replace old windows with new professionally installed energy efficient vinyl windows. Home windows lose energy in a variety of ways:


Conduction is the movement of heat through a solid material. Conduction losses in windows occur primarily through the edges of the glazing and through the sash and frames. In the winter, cold air literally pulls the heat from your home. Heat is absorbed through the window by the cold air outside.

Warm edge spacers and build-in thermal breaks in frame dramatically reduce conduction heat loss. Argon or krypton in the space between the panes of glass conduct less heat than air.

Air Leakage

Air Leakage is the air movement in and out of your home through tiny cracks and crevices around your windows and doors. Air leakage is a significant contributor to heat losses. Operable windows will usually have more air leakage than fixed windows. Air Leakage occurs between sash and frame or the meeting rails of a sliding sash.

Well-designed windows have durable weatherstripping and high-quality closing devices that effectively block air leakage. Installation also plays a huge factor in air leakage. Proper installation includes ensuring the space around the window is completely insulated and sealed.
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Radiation is the movement of heat from a warmer body to a cooler body through energy waves. Radiation losses through the window glass represent about two thirds of the total heat loss in a standard window.

Low-E coatings emit less long-wave heat energy. In the winter, more heat stays in the house. In the summer, the heat stays outdoors.


Convection occur due to air movement between the glazing layers of a window. The convection movement of the air passes heat from the warm interior side to the cooler exterior side.

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Our consultants are very skilled at walking you through the buying process, listening to your needs and concerns, explaining the features and benefits of each product and installation. Request a free, in-home Consultation Today.

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