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Your doors are no longer an eye-candy and you feel the need for a new improved entrance into your house or office. If this is the case, you need our professional consultation and analysis. Save your money using our technologies and equipment. You need door replacement in your house and we are here to do it for you. Our Service Area - Greater Toronto.

Door replacement

The front door is not only the guarantee of your safety, but also an important element of the decor. The idea that door replacement and installation are not complex is far from the truth. It requires a lot of skills, experience and qualification. The usage term and quality depends on the quality of installation that is why this job can only be entrusted to a true professional.

Front door replacement or installation requires a special approach, because the lock installation that follows cannot be done properly and you will have difficulties using your locks later on. Lack of precision leads to improper usage of the lock and, gradually, to rapid wear-off of the lock details. And the most important, these minor things may lead to security breach.

Incorrect replacement or installation of doors inside the house can also have consequences. These ones are made from the materials that are less resistant to the mechanical damage and are prone to breakage. Our specialists have the best equipment and knowledge to do the job. We perform all the works, install thresholds and doorframes, moisture-proof the doorframes. The proofing process varies depending on the humidity level inside the house.

Front door replacement

If your front door and locks are out of order, it is high time you had them fixed or even replaced. By using our services you will have no problems to worry about. Our experts will examine your doors and, if necessary, perform the required repairs. In case the door replacement is needed, you will get the consultation on the options for your new doors.

A lot of clients order certain models from our catalogue and have them installed. We take all the responsibility, starting from the measurements and up to the mounting. Our specialists guarantee minimum inconvenience and timely completion of all the works. Do not entrust inexperienced amateurs with such an important task.

If your old wooden doors can no longer be used because they lost their look, we offer you its convenient replacement with a modern and reliable metal model. This would be a far better solution as some kinds of wood are non-fixable materials.

Moreover, wooden front doors do not guarantee top security for your house or office; neither do they provide the necessary sound and thermo insulation. Our specialists assess the amount of damage and give you a choice, and in most cases you are offered an option with the most reasonable price.

Metal doors can, of course, be fixed, but the reliability of the doors will decrease. Our experts can remove any superficial and mechanical detriments, and after that they analyse the possibilities for all the future inconveniences concerning your doors. In any case you will receive advice on the ways to improve your safety.
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