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Replacing the front door is always a costly high value renovations project. The right door will improve the house safety and thermal isolation, when chosen carefully it will add to your curb appeal, is very aesthetically pleasing and adds value to your house. Buying an entry doors is a very worthwhile job although it might be costly and time consuming so we have gathered some tips and tricks for you to find the door that does not break the bank yet exceeds the expectations. When it comes to such an important project as buying a new entry system allow our Toronto door company to help you with the choice, every customer is greatly appreciated and we believe that every home is unique with a style of its own. Allow us to find the best door for your house together.

Door sizes

Have you already measured the exact entryway size? You might need a wider, thicker, smaller, larger taller or even a double entry door depending on the exterior and the house planning. You also need to think through the additional stairs, porch, transom and sidelights. Call our company any time, our professional consultants will answer all the questions and take measurements for you, if you are looking for the best Toronto doors professionals let us carry out an installation for you.

Pick Your Own Style

Choosing the front door style is a lot of fun as you have a huge variety to pick out from. If your family is more into classical style and the house requires a classier looking door you need to look at the wooden doors options adding glass elements choosing from the different caming, bevels and styles. Timeless natural timber paneled doors might be just a thing for you. If you want to be more artistic and individual than you should look into the fiberglass or steel doors allowing you for more different finishes, textures and painting. Create a unique style by mixing in the texture, pattern, color and glass elements that you like. Remember that the quality entry system will be serving you for years so it is important that you do like the front door of your home. Our company has a huge variety of designs, finishes and colors just for you. We have been in the business with many years having thousands of references for the best quality doors in Toronto. Look through the store and talk to our professional consultants in order to find the best option for your house.

Modern Materials

The door material will directly affect its maintenance, durability and efficiency. Wood, fiberglass and steel are the three main door materials, although one entry system might include two of those. You can also add glass to your door which will add up to the style and value. Decorative glass comes in the variety of styles, caming and bevels.
  • Wood is classy, earthy and comes with a unique pattern and color of its own. You can choose from the various historic styles, colors, panels, and embellishments. But note that you will have to pay extra for the classic, historic and natural warm look of the timber doors.
  • Steel doors are affordable, durable and efficient. The options are not as great, the design is limited to panel and paint color with a smooth surface. Remember that a steel door should include an insulated core for the proper energy efficiency.
  • Fiberglass offers more options. You can go for the realistic stained wood look or the smooth painted panels. Such doors won’t dent, rust or corrode; they come in a variety of finishes, panel colors and decorative glass options. Price varies greatly but our Toronto door shop is there to help you with the choice, call us any time for more information.

Door Budget
Just like all the house improving projects reinstalling the front doors is considered to be an investment so it requires careful timing and planning. You might easily go over the budget due to the delays or because some things were not foreseen. Determine the comfortable amount and try not to overspend. Here are the things to consider when drawing up a front door replacement budget:
  • The included features.
  • Installing the additional entry features such as the stairs, doorbell or new lighting.
  • Hardware and accessories.
  • Installation costs.
  • Estimated useful life.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Maintenance costs.
  • Any additional painting or staining required before finishing.
  • Long term benefits.
  • Included features.

Your main purpose is to find the door that matches your house perfectly and adds value to it without breaking your budget. Take your time looking through your options. But do not go for the cheapest option available, note that the modern energy efficient doors might seem to be a bit too costly but they are energy efficient and in the long run will save you a fortune on the utility bills etc. A quality construction will save your home from draughts and leaks, if you opt for the higher quality materials you will not have to deal with maintenance costs or repairs.
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