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Porch Enclosures

Porch Enclosures in Your House

Porch is a great decorative idea of sun-parlor in your own house. It is a sort of hallmark of your house creating the first impression. That’s why the design of the porch should be thoughtful and functional. An enclosed porch can function as a separate room with lounge furniture, whereas an open porch can be used only with practice garden furniture in fair weather.

As a rule, the porch serves as a little guest room with suitable furniture, i.e. coffee table, coach and chairs. Hanging lounger or sofa can be a nice creative decision unless firm ceiling display.
Glazed in porch with alumni frames and tinted windows protect from changeable weather. Tint option provides shade, privacy and prevents furniture fading. Glass panels are easy to clean and shatterproof.
Designed panels can be extended from floor to ceiling for an amazing view.
Due to the wide choice of design, sizes, constructions and materials, porch enclosure is a nice way to enjoy outdoor weather and nature without insects, wind, leaves, pollen, dirt and other unpleasant attributes season after season.
A porch must have enough sun and air. Enclosed porches can have louver shutters, curtains or light-reflecting window coating. Landscape gardening also comes in handy.

The design of the porch depends on the house architecture and its set-out. If the porch faces the North, then British colonial style will do. The interior design is carried out in dark natural materials, e.g. mahogany, rattan, bamboo, to decline sun heating. The design also includes wooden furniture, e.g. rocking-chair, rattan furniture and decorative elements.
If the porch faces the South, then it’s better to choose Mediterranean Provence style. The design includes mild and cold shades, white and blue colors. Roman blinders and flowerpots are stylistic must-have.

On the whole, ethnic style decisions are the most popular, e.g. Oriental, Provence, Nordic, eco-style etc. Porch enclosures are always designed in light pastel colors, using natural materials. Furniture can be either soft or wicker, depending on the size of the porch. Concerning decorative elements, there can be cushions, chair slipcovers and tablecloth. Flowerpots and wooden panels, nightlights and candlesticks, pictures and photo frames can be optional.
Porch enclosure adds functional and affordable space to your house as improvement, manufactured to all standards for safety, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

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Porch Enclosures

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