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Condensation on Windows

Windows are usually the first place where you notice condensation because they are the coldest surfaces inside the home. Condensation on windows occurs when the surface temperature of the glass (glazing), sash or frame is lower than that of the humid air around it. Condensation will often occur at the bottom edge of the glazing because of conduction through the spacer and air convection within the glazing cavity. Condensation can reduce the amount of natural light that comes through the window, affecting visibility, and also cause water stains, peeling interior finishes, rotting the sash and frame and the formation of mould.

Why should you worry about moisture problems?

Condensation on windows
  • Winter-long condensation and frost on windows is annoying and can damage the window frame and wall below.
  • Large-scale health surveys in Canada and other countries have confirmed a strong correlation between dampness and mould and respiratory disease in children.
  • Moisture problems are often associated with cold surfaces and air leakage, both of which mean excessive heat loss and high energy bills.
  • Moisture problems in Canadian housing are detrimental to our health and to the durability and resale value of our homes.
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New window technology offers improved insulating value and can greatly reduce condensation. If you have single pane windows, especially with metal frames, replace your existing windows with ENERGY STAR labeled windows.

Windows Doors Replacement helps the homeowner begin energy efficient home renovation. If you are thinking about replacing old windows, consider upgrading to energy efficient windows, which have special low-E coatings and are filled with inert gases such as argon or krypton. The additional cost is usually less than 10 percent, and the energy savings are considerable.
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