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Single/Double Hung Vinyl Windows

Double Hung Vinyl Windows: 5 Major Advantages

Looking for the modern insulated windows and the engineering solutions for your house? No matter if you are after a big window system or you need smaller windows for the bathroom a double hung window would still come very useful. You can install it as a part of the larger window or use it on its own. With our modern vinyl windows you get the best value for money and save on the utility bills.

Double Hung Windows vs. Single Hung

In a single hung window the top window is fixed and the bottom one can slide up and down on the vertical rails. Half of the window always remains covered. This is a great option for the bathroom when you need to have easy fresh air access but complete privacy as the window remains covered. All our windows are double welded for better strength and durability.
A double hung window is somewhat similar but both windows can slide on the rails mounted into the both sides of the frame. The glass in both windows is drop in glazed for easier removal. There are 4 weather strips for the maximum airtight seal. The lower window slides up and the top window slides down. An additional tilt-in feature allows to clean the window on the inside. The balances require no manual adjustment or lubrication so these windows are full free, low maintenance and will serve you and the next generations.
Single Hung Replacement Windows

Single Hung window is designed with a top fixed window pane, with bottom pane operating with a vertical glide. This type of replacement window allows tilt sash into the room for easy cleaning. Available Screen covers half of the window.

Double Hung Window
The Double Hung window is the most familiar replacement window type and offer advantages that other replacement windows don't. Double Hung window system allows both window panes to operate. The top sash slides down and the lower sash slides up. Double Hung windows provide a maximum face opening for ventilation of one-half the window. The tilt in feature let clean both window sashes from within the room. All single and double hung vinyl windows feature three continuous weather-strip seals, that make replacement windows virtually airtight.


So how a double hung vinyl window can be useful for your house? Let us go over the list of main advantages:
  • The window has two full lengths lift rails for better operation and access.
  • Weather stripped interlocking system.
  • Both windows can be tilted in for an easier cleaning and better access.
  • The glass is completely insulated for better energy efficiency.
  • The multi air-pocket design provides thermal protection.

Why We Are worth Your Trust

Check out the online quote for the double hung window installation or call our professional consultants to get all your questions answered. We will be more than happy to consult you and to carry out an installation for you. And remember that modern windows always add value to the house so they are definitely worth the investment. Our technicians work in Toronto, the GTA and other cities around the country, it would take you a few hours to replace the old inefficient windows and get rid of the draughts for good. No matter how complex you want to window system to be we will make it perfect for you.

Home iprovements casement windows features

Double-Hung Tilt

  1. Fusion welded sash & frame for superior strength eliminates
  2. Multi-chambered design provides thermal efficient air pockets
  3. Both sashes are drop in glazed for easy glass removal
  4. Full 7/8" insulated glass helps reduce heating and cooling costs
  5. Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning
  6. Inter connecting locking system fully weather stripped
  7. Full length lift rail for easy up and down operation
  8. 4 weatherstrips for maximum airtight seal

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