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Windows and Doors: Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What is the use of replacing windows or doors?
When replacing windows or doors, you will forget about drafts or other heat losses, as well as save a certain amount of money, as you will make your home much more energy-efficient.

What are custom windows?
Custom windows will make window fit perfect. Other windows are available, only in certain sizes, depending on the type. Custom windows allow you to create a window for custom sizes and make the installation more compact and maximize the viewing area, while improving the appearance of the house.

What is a replacement window?
A replacement window is a new window created to order that is completely identical in size to the previous one. Such a replacement will allow you to effortlessly update the appearance of the house, reduce heat loss and increase comfort.

What is air infiltration?
Air infiltration is the flow of outside air into the room through the leaks of the outer fences due to the influence of gravitational and wind pressure.

What is a "rough opening"?
A rough opening is the so-called opening in which frame windows or doors are usually installed. As a rule, the rough opening should be 1/2 inch larger than the width and height of the frame.

What does the term “failed” mean and how to determine whether a window “failed” or not?
As you know, if there is moisture in the window between the glasses, such a window no longer works correctly. There are several types of window crashes:
  1. leakage: poor window fit or cracking, glazing.
  2. window glitch: moisture seeping in.
What's the warm-edge technology that all the manufacturers are touting?
Most window sashes in Canada are made from double-pane glass. This creates a dead-air space between the two panes, thereby improving the insulating properties of the sash. An edge spacer is used to keep the panes in place and keep them separated. In many instances, this edge spacer is made from aluminum. Aluminum conducts energy. The aluminum contacting the glass reduces the thermal performance of the windows because it more easily conducts energy. Also it is well to remember that it does not matter if your windows are double or triple panes if the frame design is lousy.

What is the U-value?
The U-value is a measure of the window's thermal efficiency that takes into account the gasket (compression vs. sliding seal), dead-air space (in double- and triple-pane windows), material conductivity (aluminum, vinyl, wood). The U-value is based on the window's ability to resist the flow of energy. The lower the U-value, the better the thermal performance of the window.

What is low-E?
High-quality glass often contains a low-emission coating (low-E), which reduces heat transfer back through the window. Low-E, or low emissivity, refers to how a unit reflects waves of a specific length. A window with a low E can reduce your energy bills, since in summer the window works as a reflector of sunlight; in winter, it works oppositely absorbing sunlight, so the window retains heat in the room.

What are vinyl windows made of and what are their advantages?
Vinyl windows are made of polyvinyl chloride, abbreviation (PVC). Polyvinyl chloride is a colorless, transparent plastic, thermoplastic vinyl chloride polymer. The advantages of such windows are that they have many options for shape and style, p values are available from medium to high, very easy to configure, affordable prices that require minimal maintenance.
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