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The Importance of Correct Installation

Replacement Windows Installation
Proper, professional installation is as important to the total performance of a window as the manufacturing process and materials used, replacement of windows it more necessary than seems. Window technology become more complex. Microchip stop working when "black gas leak" happened. The same can happen with your replacement windows if you decided install them yourself. Improper installation can lead to frame distorting, cold air infiltration. Gas-filled window start leaking through cracks and high-performance windows become inefficient. Plas, there is no warranty for do-it-yourself project.

The installation of a window into wall must:
  • Protect the structural integrity of the window in that, the window should not support any load other than its own weight
  • There must be an air tight seal around the window
  • There must be continuous and unbroken thermal insulation between the frame of the window and the wall
  • There must be some allowance for differential movement between the window and the wall opening
  • And finally, that installation must serve to maximize the performance of the energy-efficient features of the window
Replacement windows must be properly aligned along many different planes when installed into a rough opening First, windows must be installed square, plumb and level with shims and spacers at appropriate points to ensure durability and continuing high performance.

Once the window has been installed in the rough opening in the wall, care must be taken to ensure good thermal resistance and good air flow resistance around the sides of the window frame, that is, in the space between the frame and the rough opening.

High thermal resistance will keep heat loss to a minimum. Good air flow resistance will prevent cold air from leaking in or warm air from leaking out around the sides of the window frame. Because the warm air contains water vapor, it is important to prevent it from leaking into the exterior wall and causing condensation to form inside the wall.

The materials most commonly chosen for insulating around windows are injected foam or an insulating blanket. Injected foam has the advantage of providing good thermal resistance and resistance to the passage of air and water vapor, thus allowing installation in one stage using a single product.

Retrofit or Tear out

A Retrofit involves working within the existing frame and replacing the sash and the glazed unit with a whole new window.

a Complete Tear Out is where the entire window assembly is removed right back to the rough opening and replaced with a completely new window, including the frame. Generally, a complete tear out will result in a more energy efficient installation as insulation, air barrier and weather seal will all be redone. This will ensure minimal heat loss and air leakage around the perimeter between the opening and the frame.


After the signing of contract specialist will measure your windows within 5 to 7 business days. Replacement windows will be manufacturing and ready for installation during next 3-6 weeks. You will be contacted to schedule an installation date. Factory-trained installers make installations according to "Window and Door Installation Standart". After they finish install windows all debris will be removed. You have to sign an installation completion form, which signifies your satisfactions with the purchase. Most installations are completed in one day.
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